La Moraña is a region of Avila in the extensive plain of the Castilian plateau, at the crossroads with the provinces of Valladolid, Salamanca and Segovia.


This is where our lambs grow and develop. Our fields of barley, wheat, oats and alfalfa are the source of food for our lambs.

The villages show through their temples, castles, walls and towers, the coexistence of the three cultures through their rural architecture that shows the history and influence of the Romanesque and Mudejar, that our ancestors passed on to us. A steppe region, with fluvial corridors, lagoons or lavajos and pine groves. 

Its fields of cereals, legumes, irrigated lands, pine groves and green poplar groves show a great variety of colors that under the sun give this land very diverse tonalities, being the sunset the most beautiful, calm and spectacular moment.

Lope de Vega sang it in illustrious rubble:

Hoy segadores de España

vení a ver a la Moraña

trigo blanco y sin argaña,

que de verlo es bendición.

Ésta sí que es siega de vida

ésta sí que es siega de flor

Camilo José Cela said about her:

La Moraña cría el cereal, tolera la vid y maldice el árbol


We know and follow every detail of the ageing and production process, from the selection of the lambs, our breeders of more than three generations to the entire human team that makes it possible for our product to be of extraordinary quality.


Our lambs are carefully selected complying with all the regulations and quality controls from the beginning to the end of the process. 


Cárnicas Lamb offers to the national and international market any product of sheep meat, always elaborated under strict sanitary and quality norms.


Our facilities are located in central Spain, facilitating the concentration of live animals, minimizing stress and allowing the distribution of our products in a more efficient way.

All our production has the HALAL guarantee certification.

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